Hey, it's me and this is my new home in the æther.

For those of you familiar with me, what's up with me lately? Well, I'm expanding my interests to things beyond just CG animation. Story, films, faith, ideas- while still being involved in animation stuff-... these are all fair game here. You can keep up with my new blog in the links above.

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For those of you new to the Keith Lango Traveling Circus, here's a little backstory:

I’m just a somewhat normal guy. I have been a professional CG animator, director and artist for over 22 years now. Not all of those 22 years have I been a good artist, but we all have to start somewhere. Since 2011 I have been diving into the wild and frightening world of making live action films. You know, the kind with real actors and cameras and lights. I tend to grow restless without new challenges that leave me nearly paralyzed with fear. This new challenge is big enough to frighten me for many years yet. Come along and watch me flop sweat my way to hopefully bringing something special to the world.

During my career in the entertainment biz I’ve been blessed to work with some amazingly talented people on some pretty cool projects. I’ve worked on icons of childhood, singing vegetables, space traveling penguins, Oscar nominated films, commercials, top tier game cinematics, feature films and now games. Along the way I’ve made a few short films and I’m trying to make a few more. And there’s a larger story or two inside that I hope to someday bring to light.

Family is important to me. So is my faith. I’m a follower (as best as I can be) of Jesus Christ. But I'm definitely not a part of “the religious right”. Politics annoy me to no end. I get the sense they annoyed Jesus, as well. I’m just trying my best to follow where I’m called, do what I know I should and avoid doing what I shouldn’t all while keeping close to the Lord. I try to help other folks as much as I can because I know how much the Lord has helped me. Sometimes I do an OK job. Other times…. eh, not so much. For everything else I rely only on God’s grace and mercy in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ to make up for my vast shortcomings.

From 2004 to 2012 I ran one of the most popular blogs on the internet regarding CG animation. If you still care to check out my ancient ramblings about animation things, see free tutorials in many languages and other odds and ends, then you can visit the archived relic of an old blog. It's filled with old ideas and stuffed to the gills with my insistence on expressing my youthful arrogance at http://keithlango.blogspot.com/