Well, *that* was a thing.

Welp, I thought there was interest in me offering more online animation training. And in the strictest sense of the word, there was interest. Just not a buying interest. Hah.

Since launching my Animation Pro Training initiative back in May it’s become painfully obvious to me that it’s not a great value proposition to folks in today’s market place. Meaning- pretty much nobody signed up. LOL.

Which is cool. Times change, seasons pass, life evolves. It’s not 2005 anymore. Info about how to make CG character animation and career training have gone through a boom cycle and things have settled down. And there are lots of great resources out there- many of them free on Youtube. I’m not the least bit bitter or upset. Sure, I guess you could say I’m a little disappointed, but I’m not crushed or anything. I took a swing and missed. It happens. Life goes on.

I still enjoy teaching about animation, and I am more than happy to do so in person- or even online for somebody else’s service should that be a ting that works out- but I’m content to not run my own online animation training business myself anymore.

In the meantime I have things to keep me busy. We have the farm (the peaches are looking good this year- we’re getting a lot of fruit a good year ahead of schedule). We’re getting our feet under us in the cut flower business, as well. I have my fledgling local video business that I am growing. I have an indy feature film I am developing and hope to start shooting before the end of the year. Plus any freelance animation or Cg illustration work that comes along (I’m available if you’re hiring).

In other words, it’s all good. Life is good.