A short thriller about three lives crashing & weaving together in one fateful evening, but for one of them the events play like an old, familiar song. When compulsion ultimately overrides reason the resulting mercy short circuits the lives of everyone involved.

POUTNIK (Czech for "Pilgrim") is a quiet story of what it means to find home. This was animated in partnership with ANOMALIA in the Czech Republic using experimental production and animation techniques.

What is the true measure of a man when all he measures himself by is taken away?



While most of the continental U.S. had an unseasonably warm Christmas, here in Eastern Washington we had plenty of snow for our holiday festivities. So what better way to celebrate Christmas day than a sledding expedition.
August 21, 2015-- Thick smoke from the largest wildfires in Washington State history cast a eerie light over the upper Palouse Prairie region. Shot on a Digital Bolex D16 using Nikon prime lenses
Each of us in our own way enjoys a little "me time" in our special place. Yurt the Yeti is no different, even if Cousin Squeegie doesn't really understand. -- A send-up of a 1960's era advertising song from the American Standard Company (they make toilets, tubs, sinks and other bathroom stuff).


Eastern Washington state location scouting test shots for short film "De La Madre" to be shot in fall of 2016 Digital Bolex D16 Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 cinema zoom lens Graded in DaVinci Resolve with a dash of Osiris Film Looks and Film Convert for spice Music by Silversun Pickups, "Rusty Wheel"
This is the final result for a small CG animated test of the Peanuts characters. Warner Brothers hired Big Idea to do this test for some internet comics they were thinking of doing to revive the characters as more than mascots. I was hired on as a consultant for the look development and character work. The goal was to try and stay true to the original spirit of Schulz's ink pen drawings and Bil Melendez' charming animation style. Our small team consisted of Brian Roberts (director), Chuck Vollmer (art director & painter), Steve Fuller (3d modeler), Joe Spadaford (painter) and myself (character engineer, look development, rigging & animation). We turned this around in 2 weeks from nothing. In the end Warner Bros (who owned the IP at the time) decided to go with Flash instead. Which was probably a better choice, but I've always been proud of the look we achieved in Maya with this. It felt honest & with more time could have been even better.
Just derping around with my F35, trying to find where it falls apart in low light situations. Holds up surprisingly OK, considering.